Cordyceps/Reishi 50-50-100 capsules


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Two of our all time favorites combined in a 1:1 ratio.

The cost of Cordyceps insect has continued to soar. We have located a premium grade mycelium source in China. This product is a hot Water extraction of cordyceps fungus which is grown in a lab.

This rare and strange herb is helpful for treating accelerated signs of aging (forgetfulness, withering of skin and hair). It increases resistance to respiratory infections and allergies. It is a tonic of the highest stature, in the same league with Deer Antler, Reishi and Ginseng. Cordysceps is a fungus that grows from the head of a particular kind of caterpillar consumed by Tibetan yaks in early springtime before mating! Cordysceps invigorates the breath and guards against premature aging by fostering the body's capacity to reproduce, grow and regenerate.

Also called Reishi or Ling Chih, it is known traditionally as the "mushroom of immortality" and the "Great Protector." Research shows it significantly enhances the immune system. Ganoderma increases the body's resistance in a variety of ways from helping to prevent colds, flus and allergies, to providing useful adjunctive treatments for AIDS and cancer. Ganoderma has a mild diuretic action that assists the removal of metabolic waste, making it useful in weight loss and arthritis treatment. It also increases blood circulation, protecting the heart, and helps relieve insomnia and nervousness.

Expert extraction & processing: It is easy to take shortcuts when preparing mushroom extracts.  The mushroom cell wall (chitin) is indigestible to humans and requires expert preparation in order to be broken down so the medicinal compounds become optimally available.  Ganoderma has to be boiled for 24 hours to break down the cell wall and make the medicinal compounds available.    Similar expertise is applied to all our medicinal mushroom products, to ensure their highest effectiveness.

Ingredients:Cordyeps Mycelium, Red Reishi

Suggested Use: 2-3 caps 2-3 times a day

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